5 Virtual Keynote Speakers You Need to Know About

Things have changed! The meeting and events industry has been turned upside down by the pandemic, and many people have pivoted to online/virtual meetings and webinars, even featuring virtual keynote speakers or comedians.

Plus, your event budget may have been reduced, or you may not have been able to get a refund on your hotel or conference facility deposit.

To help you with that, we’ve put together a collection of some of the best virtual keynote speakers at different price levels. Here we go, in no particular order…

1. Molly Fletcher: One of the First Female Sports Agents

Topics: Change, Authenticity, Negotiation, Leadership, Success, Relationships

Sample Virtual Keynotes:

  • Unleash Your Potential
  • Fearless
  • Negotiate Your Way to Success
  • Leading the Way: Inspiring Go Getters and Game Changers
  • Transform Your Business Relationships

Fee Range: $30,000 – $50,000

Distinguishing Feature: “The female Jerry Maguire,” Molly talks about unconventional techniques that helped her thrive as one of the first female sports agents in the high stakes, big ego world of professional sports. She is now a successful entrepreneur with the same approaches.

Molly’s Website for More Info

2. Brian Carter: Humor, Motivation and Takeaways

Topics: Disruption, Change, Social Media, Teamwork, Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Generational Differences

Sample Virtual Keynotes:

SHIFT Happens: How to Manage Change While Boosting Productivity
The Remote Social TEAM: Top Tools and Tips for Improving Teamwork in a Remote Work World
SALES Innovation: How to Prospect and Sell Successfully, Even During a Pandemic!

Distinguishing Feature: His hair. Plus, Brian has a unique mix of up-to-date business insights (especially relating to the Internet and social media), positivity, and humor. His humor translates well to virtual meetings because a fair amount of the jokes are visual and ideal for webinars.

Virtual Keynote Price Range: $3,000 – $7,000

Brian’s Website for More Info

3. Jade Simmons: Rockstar Concert Pianist, Powerhouse Motivational and Experiential Virtual Speaker, Best of SXSW performer

Topics: Leadership, Diversity, Innovation

Sample Virtual Keynotes

  • AUDACITY!: Dare to Lead on Purpose
  • How to Move Like a Maverick
  • Dynamic, Disruptive Diversity: A Bold Approach to Harnessing the Power of Differences

Distinguishing Feature: Jade Simmons is a top motivational and experiential virtual keynote speaker, rock star concert pianist, best of SXSW performer, and classical music’s No.1 Maverick.

Virtual Keynote Price Range: $40,001 – $50,000

Jade’s Website for More Info

4. Garrison Wynn: One of the most booked keynote speakers in the last two decades.

Topics: Change management, Leadership, Employee engagement, Sales, Safety, Education, Generational differences, Communication, Healthcare

Sample Virtual Keynotes:

  • The Real Truth About Success: What The Most Influential Do Differently And Why They Won’t Tell You
  • The Closer! The Inside Track To Rapport Building, Buying-Sign Intuition, And Clarity Of Value that Seal the Deal!
  • Making The Most Of Difficult Situations: Changing Markets, Changing Times

Distinguishing Feature: Garrison has a Fortune 500 management background, was a professional stand-up comedian, and has been an acclaimed keynote speaker for 20 years.

Garrison’s Website for More Info

5. Trevor Noah: Host of “The Daily Show”

Topics: Comedy, Diversity & Race, Literature, Race Issues

Distinguishing Feature: Known for his outstanding stand-up comedy and as host of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah is one of the most successful comedians worldwide.

Virtual Keynote Price Range: $200,000 and above.

Trevor Noah More Info

Those are the 5 that stand out to our staff and readers so far in 2020. More to come, soon!