You Were Right: Curing Disengagement

This is a guest post from keynote speaker Garrison Wynn.
Creating an effective plan for the future, improving employee performance and managing change are often the focus (and obstacles) of many organizations. And, if you are thinking that it’s a tough time to make all that happen, you are right! Uncertainty can demotivate and derail even your best people.

However, whether it’s leadership, sales, service or safety, curing disengagement is the key to unlocking potential and opportunity. It starts with showing people the value of their strengths before you identify and work on their weaknesses. It’s how you begin to create a culture of buy-in!  

“Helping people develop their own brilliance is much more effective than just giving them yours!”   

Check out this Gallup based chart of curing disengagement.  

Check out this new onsite and virtual video on influence and adaptability in times of change. 

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