Virtual Keynotes Are Virtually Amazing

A guest post by Brian Carter

Virtual keynotes and meetings are virtually amazing.

No, really, they really can be! Because these days if your teams are working remotely, we need some stress-relief, and a break from the normal meetings.

Virtual keynotes are virtually rejuvenating and inspiring.

I recently did one where the company was having a celebration of having used Facebook Workplace as their digital collaboration tool for one year. There was a very positive feel to it, and they asked me to do just 30 minutes of mostly funny speaking. I threw in some motivation and inspiration too!

Virtual keynotes and meetings are virtually our only option.

I was, frankly, relieved when my in-person 2020 keynotes were all moved to 2021. These are unprecedented times, and as a keynote speaker for whom safety is a topic, it’s just safer for us to do virtual.

Virtual keynotes and meetings are virtually perfect.

If you use the right platform, everything goes great. Having used a bunch of them, I can confidently say that Zoom is the standard, and they have added a number of security stopgaps in case you’re worried about some of the hijinx that happened way back in April 2020. Seems like 2 years ago. Anyhow, Zoom has as much or more security than any other platform, and we haven’t had any problems.

Virtual keynotes are virtually fun.

You can do all kinds of things for fun. Quizzes, prizes, humor… try something new and wake your people back up!

I’ve got to say, by the way, doing comedy without hearing anyone laugh is weird! I think Zoom needs to figure out a solution to how we can hear everybody- or even SEE the 100’s of people in the Zoom audience laughing, even if we can’t hear them. Hearing that you were funny later on isn’t quite as fulfilling to me, but it’s all about the audience, so I can do my jokes and stories to silence. Having done them 100’s of times, I know they work.

That’s it! That’s why you should try a virtual event if you haven’t yet. Get people motivated. Talk about diversity and inclusion, or generations. Get everybody laughing at the same time. And even kick your salespeople in the butt or celebrate how well they’re doing.

Do it!